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Warrior Series Book 2

Published by A.L. Carter LLC

Science Fiction Erotic Novels

Release Date 12/12/2022

June Engival has escaped her tormentors and decided to fight the evil that has spread across the galaxy. She and Ronin have made it their mission to free the oppressed of the galaxy and end the slave trade. At least they were until she was captured again. This time her captors have plans involving both her and Ronin. June must free herself to ensure the Lutetian cannot complete their plans. Ronin just found his best friend and second in his Triad when they lose June.


They must embark on a mission to save June before the Lutetian do anything horrible. June, Ronin, and Dax must fight against their enemies to save their own.

Will June free herself and the friend she meets in captivity? Will Ronin and Dax be able to find June? Will their Triad ever find their third and final mate?

Content Warning

This book is intended for adults 18 or older. It is a multi-POV, polyamorous science fiction erotic novel between one woman and three males. Reader discretion is strongly advised. This book contains content that could trigger people who have experienced trauma. It contains scenes of BDSM, violence, profanity, and sexually explicit reading.  Some of the chapters will be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. The author does her best to make this book a story about survival and the power of women.  While some of the content in this book may be difficult to read, please know that one in every six women in the US has been a survivor of sexual violence. We are survivors.

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