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A.L. Carter Bio

I am professional nerd and I have spent the last two decades in the tech industry supporting the infrastructure, websites, and software the world runs on. I loves science, reading, and making just about anything sparkly in my spare time.  I gets great joy from writing science fiction erotic novels giving the strength and purpose to my female characters! My heroines do not need saving, but love creating steam with their partners!

I gets her love of books from my parents who read constantly and helped to develop my passion for reading. My parents never censored or tried to control the types of books I read so I loves all types of novels. Romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, military fiction... basically anything with words on a page. I have always had challenges sleeping so I would create worlds in my mind to help me sleep.


I have spent the better part of my life working in the technology sector enjoying learning and developing my skills. As I age I decided I should try writing the stories I developed to sleep into books and the first set is the Warrior Series: Emancipation, Liberation, and Annihilation.

I am also a big believer in being my authentic self. Some of the topics and scenes in my books may not be your cups of tea and that's ok. Erotic novels, BSDM, and etcetera are stigmatized and I truly believe you should do what is healthy for you and writing for me is cathartic and gives me peace. I truly hope you have something in your life that gives you the same.

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